Project Description

The women of the local communities invite the radios to give them the microphone because they have a lot to contribute for the integral development of their country.

Carrying out the voice of women in local communities, particularly through radio and other media, is a goal that SEMERERA has set for itself. Indeed, the media have the potential to play an important role in the dissemination of ideas, advocacy and knowledge acquisition. They can enable people from remote backgrounds to stay connected to the world, to speak out on current affairs, to speak out against injustice, or to seek support in the face of the many challenges they face. Unfortunately, many of these people, especially women, do not have this opportunity to take advantage of the media platform to express themselves. To remedy this, SEMERERA often collaborates with local radio stations in Burundi to create opportunities for women from remote areas to come and make their voices heard, make their goals known, and to denounce the gender-based violence of which women are often victims. and the girls. It is with this in mind that SEMERERA facilitated the participation of three members of the partners in the program Mukenyezi Ugoniki of Radio Colombe of the Center Jeune Kamenge. It is a program that offers women the opportunity to participate in efforts to empower women and eradicate all forms of gender-based discrimination in Burundi. For their very first time in a radio studio, these three women from Kinama and Buterere have demonstrated, through their outspokenness and eloquence, that, despite their low level of education, they are able to carry the voices of women, to express their ideas clearly, and to advocate effectively for the cause of women. They called on radios and other media to invite women into their programs and direct their cameras and microphones to economic development activities initiated by women, especially through savings and loan groups.

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