Project Description

Integral development of local communities

In Burundi, local communities face many development challenges related mainly to a galloping demography, recurrent socio-political instability, and a sufficient lack of involvement of women in the decision-making process. Through weekly awareness-raising and capacity-building activities, SEMERERA gives members of local communities the opportunity to take charge of their destiny and find lasting solutions to the challenges that haunt them, in particular through the effective integration of women in the activities of economic development.

Protection and promotion of women’s rights

Despite the principles of equality between men and women and of non-discrimination enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Burundi of 2018, Burundian women still face many obstacles that prevent them from fully enjoying their inalienable rights by as full members of their communities. This is the reason why SEMERERA targets the promotion and protection of women’s rights, in particular by:

  • Awareness campaigns on the essential role of men in the fight for gender equality
  • Education and capacity building of women on leadership, advocacy and defense of their rights
  • Financial support for income-generating activities for vulnerable women
  • Legal support and psycho-social support for victims of gender-based violence
  • Sustained support for girls’ education

Youth education and rights and reproductive health

Young Burundians often face difficult situations that prevent them from thriving and playing a role in their respective communities. SEMERERA contributes significantly to reducing juvenile delinquency through job creation, education and awareness-raising and works for the eradication of all barriers to effective education for girls. Thus, the organization focuses on:

  • Promoting the reproductive health of young girls and boys
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • Promoting positive masculinity in boys from an early age
  • Strengthening social cohesion and living together among young people from various political parties and ethnic groups

Access to justice for the most vulnerable

Effective access to justice is still a big challenge for many Burundians. While the lack of means prevents many litigants from meeting the costs of legal proceedings, ignorance of their constitutional rights is also a major obstacle to the effective enjoyment of these rights. SEMERERA addresses this challenge by raising awareness and education on human rights and legal support for the most vulnerable in conflict with the law.

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Boulevard Mwambutsa,
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